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Clohars-Fouesnant - Bénodet - Bretagne
Detached property with 3700m² landscaped garden in a residential neightbourhood of Clohars-Fouesnant
4km from BENODET and beaches
8 B8023 1056 €
La Forêt-Fouesnant - Bretagne Sud
Beautiful property surrounded by a big lawned garden in a residential neightbourhood of La Forêt-Fouesnant
Beautiful views of the Bay of Concarneau
11 F10004 1074 €
La Forêt-Fouesnant - Bretagne Sud
Property with a large garden in a residential area of La Forêt-Fouesnant
Garden bordering a footpath around a lake
10 F10005 790 €
Beg-Meil - Fouesnant - Bretagne Sud
A two-roomed flat on the garden level of the Residence Villas Glénan in Beg-Meil Fouesnant
300m from "La Cale" beach and shops
4 F4023 480 €
Detached house with garden, close to the beach and Sailing School in Cap Coz
400m from Cap Coz beach and 1.7km from the centre of Fouesnant
4 F4025 449 €
La Forêt-Fouesnant - Kerleven - Bretagne
Small semi-detached house with small garden just 100m from Port La Forêt marina
300m from Kerleven beach
4 F4031 450 €
Beg-Meil - Fouesnant - Bretagne
A newly renovated, split-level, three-roomed flat in a quiet area on the 2nd floor of the Residence Les Jardins in Beg-Meil, Fouesnant
250m from La Cale beach and 100m from Beg-Meil
4 F4034 484 €
La Forêt-Fouesnant - Port La Forêt
A 2-roomed flat with sea view on the 1st floor of the Residence Kerlouise at Port La Forêt
Beautiful sea view! Directly access to the beach
4 F4035 438 €
A 2-roomed flat with a sleeping area and cabin bedroom in the centre of Beg Meil, close to shops and La Cale beach
Holiday apartments with swimming pool
4 F4043 391 €
Fouesnant - Finistère Sud - Bretagne
A modern house with 400m² garden, 700m from the centre of Fouesnant
3km from the beach
5 F5003 514 €
Beg-Meil - Fouesnant - Bretagne
A restored Breton house with 900m² enclosed garden in Beg-meil, Fouesnant
100m from "La Cale" beach and shops
4 F5011 707 €
La Foret Fouesnant - Fouesnant
A holiday house with a garden of 600m² not far from the marina and the beach !
1.1km from the marina, 400m from shops, 2.5km from Kerléven beach
6 F6004 608 €
Fouesnant - Beg-Meil - Finistère Sud
New detached house with garden in a quiet cul-de-sac in Beg-Meil, Fouesnant
1km from beaches and Beg-Meil
6 F6022 665 €
Mousterlin - Fouesnant - Finistere Sud
Detached house with 800m² garden in Mousterlin, Fouesnant
700m from Kerler beach and 900m from a baker's
6 F6058 574 €
Beg-Meil Fouesnant Bretagne Sud
Holiday house with a 1500m2 garden in Beg-Meil Fouesnant
At 1km from the beaches
6 F6060 557 €
Fouesnant - Mousterlin - Bretagne Sud
Detached house with 500m² enclosed garden in Mousterlin, Fouesnant
600m from Mousterlin beach
6 F7007 433 €
Detached house with garden in Cap Coz, close to beach and Sailing School
400m from Cap Coz beach and Sailing School and 1.7km from the centre of Fouesnant
8 F8025 736 €
Beg Meil Fouesnant Bretagne Sud
Holiday house with a 600m2 garden in Fouesnant

8 F8090 725 €
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